designer. illustrator. happy human. 
Hi! I'm Kika! I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and made my way to British Columbia to study at Quest University Canada, where I pursued the question: How do we design play? focusing on human-centered design, social psychology, and mathematics. I'm currently finishing up school, working as a designer for Goatsocial in Vancouver, BC, and selling Hoot.
As a designer, I focus on research based, user focused design. My experience ranges from web design and visual design, to product design and development. I'm a passionate illustrator and animator, and I love exploring how design can be a tool to convey narratives.
When I'm off my laptop, you'll probably find me on top of the Chief in Squamish, or sliding down skis in Whistler. If I'm not there, then I'm definitely strumming my ukulele, reading Donald Norman, making weird animations, playing (or inventing) board games, and eating veggie burritos. I'm also passionate about sunshine, overusing exclamation marks, frozen blueberries, and small doggos.​​​​​​​